Being able to create great content for your practice website on a regular basis can be a real challenge. It is very time consuming, but also rewarding if done well. If you are up for the challenge, here are some key tips for creating great content for your practice website.

Keep things manageable

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that people hit is to bite off more than they can chew. Creating content for your website is an ongoing commitment, so start small and build up.

Remember who the reader is

As a vet practice, we have a good idea who our clients are, so keep them in mind when you are writing content. They are not vets so don’t expect them to know the things you do, or to understand the terminology you use.

Make the readers life as easy as possible

Website users rarely put effort into reading things online so keep things simple. Use short paragraphs and sentences and stay clear of complex language. Keeping content concise will make it less daunting and avoid using the passive voice.

( is a great editor that will help keep your writing simple)

Structure your content

People do not read website content in the same way they read offline text. Website users scan read which means they will only take in some of what you write.

Good use of headings and lists will make it easier for users to digest your key points. It will also enable the user to find the information they want to read further.

Proof reading

If possible, have someone proof read your work. A fresh pair of eyes will help spot areas where you can improve what you have written.

If you do not always have someone who can proof read your work, text readers are the next best thing. A text reader will not understand your writing, but it will help you hear issues you wouldn’t notice otherwise.

Many word processors come with text readers built in. You can also find websites that will read text for you (such as

Forward planning

Planning what content you are going to create in advance makes life much easier. Have a calendar so you can see what content you need to create and for when. Knowing what content you are going to need also allows you to write content in advance and in bulk.

Measure results

Decide what content you want to create based on what has been successful in the past. Page traffic and social engagement are both good ways to measure how well your content is doing.