In our modern interconnected world, customer service has become paramount. The impact that one unhappy customer can have on your business is huge. While it may not be possible to please everyone, here is our list of common customer service mistakes

Unintuitive website

For many pet owners, your website will be the first experience they have of your practice. Even established customers will often refer to your website to look up your details. This single interaction will set the tone for the rest of their experience so it’s important to get it right. Websites that are busy or confusing will ensure your customers experience has a frustrating start.

Not answering the phone

The telephone is another early point of contact. Any difficulty getting through to your practice on the phone will erode the goodwill a client has towards you. Leaving the phone to ring, or letting customers hit an engaged tone will leave customers feeling that you don’t want to talk to them.

Not responding to emails and other digital messages

Email, social media, and instant messaging are but some of the ways people can contact you digitally. While digital messages may not need an instant response, the time it takes you to reply still reflects on your practice. Customers left waiting for a reply can just as easily feel ignored.

Failing to recognise a client’s experience

The first step when dealing with an unhappy client is to acknowledge how they feel. They need to know that their experience was the exception and not the norm. Only once you have recognised their position can you then start to look at the potential causes. Failing to recognise that your client has had a poor experience (no matter what the cause may have been) will just add fuel to the fire.

Getting defensive or arguing with an unhappy customer

It is easy to become protective of your team and your practice when someone does complain, but this is likely to make matters worse. Making excuses or arguing will only leave the customer feeling even more frustrated. Even if the customer is at fault, there is nothing to be gained by challenging them.

Failing to recognise customer loyalty

When a customer does complain, it is important to recognise their existing relationship. Loyal customers that have been coming to you for years will expect that loyalty to carry extra weight. They are not someone you have only just met and may be trying it on, they have been coming to you for years without any problems. Dismissing the customers history with your practice will destroy any good will that customer may have left.

Over promising

Over promising and under delivering will leave customers feeling underwhelmed. This is the case for both the initial experience and when dealing with complaints. Failing to live up to your own promises is a sure-fire path to an unhappy customer. However, exceeding a customer’s expectations will lead to customer service gold.

If you want to be sure that your clients always feel as loved as your patients do, book one of our free customer service audits. We’ll use a variety of methods to review your customer service and give you objective honest feedback on what you are doing well, and where you could do even better.